Sea of Madness, I suppose. I haven't listened to Maiden in years.
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I want to buy a 7 string guitar, and tune it to Cabbage.

That was on topic, I swear.
If you were a true Maiden fan, you would not ask to pick your favourite song as they have many awesome songs...

BUT if we have to pick, i would probably say Hallowed Be Thy Name

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too many good ones.. but i suppose the one i listen to the most is Hallowed be thy name.
I dig The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner equally. Been years since I've listened to them actively, but I put on Somewhere in Time, Brave new World or Live after Death from time to time : 3

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They've been my favorite band for years, my two favorite songs by them have always been Revelations and Infinite Dreams
Hallowed Be Thy Name.
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