Hey! My name's Holly and my fiance and I are forming a band. We both play guitar, he plays a little bass...

I'm working on a concept album, and would LOVE for a drummer a bassist or a violinist. Maybe even extra set of vocals.

I'm cool with doing stuff online, or in person.

We're kind of alternative rock, metal, electronic I guess.

If you're interested I can give you more details.
I could maybe play guitar? Check my stuff some of it's just random
Eh if you need a rhythm OR lead metal guitarist, I'm up.

So.. I'm a metal guitarist. I've been playing for about 4 months, 3+ hours of practice a day. I have my youtube in my sig. I'm able to tap and pinch harmonic pretty well.. Once I learn my sweep picking (I just gotta practice. I've got the technique down, so I can slowly sweep if I needed to for a dramatic effect). Hit me up on here and I'll PM you my facebook.. Or PM me. Either one's fine. I'll be checking this a couple times a day.
I play viola, which is much like a violin. It would have to be something online however...NY is kinda far away from Indianapolis If you are interested, contact me.

My email is issakp@gmail.com