Hey guys. Pleaseeeee check out my band called Triage. We're new we just formed about two months ago. Our first song "Follow My Voice" is our instrumental (for now) intro. Visit our facebook page and reverbnation page. Help us out. Our recording is still somewhat rough as we just bought all our hard and software and we're still learning how to mix (as you can tell by the drums and some guitar parts). Any feedback is good feedback, so please tear into us if you want! Regardless, help us spread the word, and if you don't like it and know someone who would tell them. Thank you! Love you guys.

Triage - Follow My Voice

Reverbnation - New Song. "Robbing Glass Houses"

Facebook (like us!)
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Yeah the mix is kinda shotty for sure! We decided to go out and buy our own stuff and learning how to do it instead of just paying to have it done. Most people in our area (in our price range) aren't very good anyways. But thank you sooo much for your input.
I enjoyed it. THe vocals will definitely be able to benefit the song, but the instrumental itself is nice, I liked the blend of trance feel and rock.
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Yeah thats what we're going for. We sound a lot better live cause we try and give it an ambient feel to it, lots of feedback and reverb. We're not quite sure how to capture that in the actual recording. We're really going for that spacey "wall of sound" thing.
I know its hard to tell this early with only one song and that the mixing is not great but is there any way we could improve that anyone notices off the bat?
working on some new stuff tonight and lyrics. I'll post anything if we get it recorded!
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We reached number 29 on the local Pittsburgh Rock chart and a new song will be out May 12th!
New song finished and will be out tomorrow night at 10pm the latest! Yes.. it has lyrics. lol
Really digging it man.. I feel like Glass Houses takes a little too long to build, but that might just be the recording. I love me some mean sounding drums haha.

Wishing you guys the best!
Thanks! yeah our intro and glass houses both have slow build ups, they are kinda of boring :/ Its better live cause we feel like our music should be felt along with heard, hard to explain. But our next song is going to be a little heavier and faster. Again, thanks for listening man!

Expect another song by the end of May if not earlier!

Any criticism, anything to help?
We'll be on a local college (California University of Pennsylvania) radio station getting both songs played and doing a small interview. I doubt anyone is really interested but just in case you can listen here: http://wcal.calu.edu/

Thanks for reading.