I would like to have soma advise of you experts….

At the moment I have a VOX-VT30 amp, which I will be selling and will buy e new one. My budget is between 250E-400E.

I have three amps in my mind.

First one of those Marshalls Valvestates like the 8240 or the 8200, which I can buy for about 300E. Second a Fender Valvestate type like the Fender Performer 1000 which will cost me about the same second hand as the Marshalls. Or, third, a Bugera 333-212, which is all tube, new and about 385E

I had a Marshall VS100 in the past so I know what kind of sound I would get. On the other hand I do like a good clean Fender amp sound, which I could combine with my pedals, Big Muff and Metal Zone MT-2 to get also some heavy sound of it.

The guitar that I use is a Fender Jazzmaster J.Mascis signature…

Any suggestions of these three amps? Since I am very in doubt for which one to go.

Jet City 50 head. Just bought one a little while ago after trying the 100 head at a local Guitar Center - although it is too loud for practice use (sounds bad at low volumes, a common issue with many tube amps).
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EDIT: is the budget flexible at all?
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Hi , no this is about my budget.. 400E max, used or new, that doesn't matter to me that much.
I will use the amp mainly at home. Like the VOX-VT30 that I have now, it is loud enough. I am not so much one style, I like though just from times to get that volume up and play along wit some heavy stuff. But in the learning style I like the clean and warm tones.. and as you can see on my type of guitar I definitely like J.Mascis... hope this helps.
thanks for the responses so far.
I recommend Laney amps, like the LC30 and VC30. The VC doesn't have a lot of gain, but you can boost it with a pedal. Its cleans are quite spectacular.

Jet City also make good amps on a budget, but they're aimed at distortion tones. Its clean sounds aren't great (and pretty hard to dial in) but it excels at overdrive sounds. It's not a "br00tal" metal amp, either. It's more of a hard rock sound, if that makes any sense.

The Bugera 333 is decent but it's very metallic sounding. Some people like that, others don't. Its clean sound is very clean and a bit stale, in my opinion. Switch over to channel 2 and it's already in Metallica territory. There's not a lot of middle ground on that amp. I'd suggest it to metal players, but it won't appeal to everyone.
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so you're a bedroom player. no problem, but why upgrade now? why not wait until a larger, more powerful rig is actually a NEED?
^Maybe he's shy and doesn't like playing live?

Roland Cubes are cool. They're versatile. If you're playing anything that involves lots of distortion, that's the amp for you. The more bigger models have stuff effects, more amp models and tuners and cool stuff like that


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shy? maybe I guess.
anyhow, that's a fairly bold statement regarding the cube for high gain... I didn't care for it in that area.
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used peaveys are a really good value as well.

Yeah, like the VTM 60. Also the Marshall Valvestate 8100 and Fender m-80 are pretty good amps for really cheap..
Marshall Valvestates are dreadful. Stick with what you've got and save for something really good. When the student is ready the amp will appear. At the moment you don't know what you are after so you aren't ready, grasshopper.
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Also, Kustom has some great combos out there for a good price... love the coupe series personally.