Hi everyone, my band's recently recorded a few new songs and I'd like to know what you all think, these are first mixes so any critique would be great. They are on the following link, the two new songs are called Fall Apart and Deafodils.


I have to say, "Stay Away" definitely sounds like the most solid track of the three. The music is really tight and the it's well produced. Sounds perfectly empassioned. The music reminds me of Said the Whale, The Subways, and Fight Like Apes. Your band definitely does the genre well. You've made a fan out of me and I'd love to get some downloads.
I listened to "Stay Away". I am not a fan of the guitar tone you have mixed to me it sounds muddy when you start playing the chords. The drums and the bass are spot on. Really love the bass tone. You have a good voice and the harmonies were great. Overall I liked it. Just work on that guitar tone! (That's just my preference though) Good job!

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started listening to stay away, honestly the vocals turned me off, seemed like poor solidity all over, gave you a second shot with deafodils, loved it. vocals were perfectly haunting and deep, love the direction of the song, lots of emotion good build up throughout. very beautiful art. this would get eaten up in the states. at least in the midwest. best of luck with everything you do!

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Thanks guys, I didnt actually record Stay Away, just played on it so I was looking more for feedback on Deafodils. But it's intersting to get different reactions to it! Cheers, I'll listen to yours now.
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Deafodils - Very nice and mellow, some very interesting sounds (that strange lead guitar on the first change is v cool) coming for the different instruments. I like it went it kicks in the heavy "I'm trouble". I did think it was a little slow building up but it's really relaxing.

Fall Apart - Straight away the first guitar part grabbed my attention. The female voice singing I like that style and if I could easily imagine this being on friday night with jonathan ross or something like it. Lots of great little things going on all over from the different vocals, guitars licks. Really enjoy this track more but then I generally prefer heavier/faster stuff like this anyways.
Hello hello, I checked out Deafodils.

The feel from the introduction/verse is amazing, and the progression into the vocal melody is executed perfectly I thought. It is very chill, haunting, but soothing. Feels like I'm laying down on a hammick at night and just looking at the stars. Everything is just right with the bass and guitar, and it has the killer vocal melody. Lovely voice. The only criticism I would give is maybe add more of a build up to that HARD "I'm trouble" to make it flow better. Overall, it's really good.

Fall Apart is also a fun song that I enjoyed, a song you can rock and jam to.

Cheers Shelley!
I kinda like the vocals

I'd suggest a bit more distorted drive for the choruses (is that the right plural for chorus) though
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I've listened to all of your songs. Great stuff, I think Fall Apart is the best, though all of them are nice Very cool and very interesting style, a lot of nice licks and singer is amazing too. Keep up the good work

C4C? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1437311

Thanks for the crit man, that link doesnt seem to be working though....

EDIT: No worries found it, I'll have a listen now.
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