I thought I'd start these off as I haven't noticed any threads of these yet, anyways.

About two weeks ago I got a phone call from kerrang radio saying i had won one of their competitions which was to win a drum head signed by foo fighters.

As a big foo fighters fan I was really excited but during the two weeks it seemed to get less and less likely that it was real and that I had just given my address to so spammer or whatever.

But hmm big parcel arrives today, hmmm I wonder what that could be...... I didn't buy anything did I.....??


Sorry for it being on imageshack but it wouldn't let me upload the pic as an attachment

Anyway so there it is, fully used drum head signed by Foo Fighters, sure I aint gonna use it on my drums but it's still a new piece of drum set/kit whatever you call it
:O I am so jealous. Are those hits from Taylor playing?
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