Hi....been a member for a while...but not really "engaged" until recently.

I've been trying to find out how to read the "chord" tabs on UG, can anyone point me in the direction of a thread/lesson/idiots guide on how to work these things?

I see the lyrics and a chord name that seems randomly placed above the lyric line. But, I'm not clear of the strum pattern to play or how to turn what I'm seeing into music! I do understand the chords...just can't seem to work out how to interpret what I'm reading.

Thanks to whomever points of the bleeding obvious, my Search Fu is pretty lame.
Chord tabs don't normally give you rhythm sadly - you have to pick that up from the song

The better chord tabs will include the correct voicings and some necessary fills - but chord tabs are designed to be paired with your ears.
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Basically, the chord listed above the lyric is the chord you will play until you see the next chord name and then you will switch to to that chord. They are placed above the lyrics because they will change at the same time the word or verse in the song is sung. For strumming patterns, there are none sadly. The only advice I can give is to become familiar with the song, play the proper chords when you are supposed to and create your own pattern that fits with the song, or just listen closely to hear what is being played in the song.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks for the quick reply and the advice, very much appreciated! I can stop hunting and start playing now.
Tabs are great but you have to know the song/tune/rythm in your head or your just guessing as to the way the song goes.

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