I've been looking at a lot of Ibanez products lately and as a reward for starting my MBA program my wife and I are getting new guitars with a chunk of my student loan spill over (we were going to use tax money but hit a snafu) While I've been waiting and saving up some money I've been looking at a lot of stuff and have it down to 3 models basically:


I'm looking mainly at the Iceman, but have played the RGA and enjoyed it, but I don't like the Actives. As far as the XPT I am also looking for something with a 27 fret neck and a seventh string as kind of a dream guitar. I'm not really put off by metal shapes as long as I can sit with them half way easily (I've sat with a x series before). I'm just wondering opinions on these wonderful instruments, also I'm looking at hard tail only this is preference, and if anyone can give me how heavy the Iceman is it would be appreciated (and if that makes it hard to get used to).

Also I'm going to be getting a new amp as well, but I will be covering that in a different topic, so it will be picked for the new guitar. I play and listen to all varieties of metal so no biggie on any of that stuff.
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Its all preference really, if your GASing for the iceman then id more inclined towards that. Cant tell you what you will like though.
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Get the Iceman. Not too many people playing those, you'll be a winner in many books.
Xiphos plays excellently, i find it incredibly comfortable sitting down. Standing, different story, it's poorly wieghted and neck dives like a bitch due to poor strap button placement. Overall I'd lean towards the RGA personally. Im not a big fan of the Iceman personally, but people seem to either really like it or have total indifference so it's all down to your taste at the end of the day
I will admit I love the Iceman and part of it is seeing Tom G Warrior play one in Triptykon (and I wish I could get that custom paint scheme HR Giger did for him). The thing is I'm also looking at it as a solid guitar because I've read nothing but good on it (though no one ever has it in stores) and from what I hear they are amazing guitars. I also know all of the X series neck dive like its going out of style. I played an ICT200 (its the bass version) and it did that too even more so given the its longer neck.

Like I said the main thing turning me off from the RGA is the actives. I'm not sure how beneficial they'd be for me as I don't plug in a ton as I live in an apartment complex (though I do use headphones a lot).

Although I don't mind BC Rich or any metal shape I don't aim just to go get something pointy. I think the X series a whole is a tad softer then BC Rich and I'd play one of those if they had a good one for me. Just in the metal community those shapes are more common so its not wholly offputting to me to see and play them. I'd be fine with a more standard Ibby body, just as long as it has the features I want.