1. sound
to put it simply, I need some warm and smooth cleans for styles like world or jazz or fusion or whatever close to them, which must be heard over an appropriate drum section (so I need a late breakup and/or a cab output as well). I'd also be glad to hear some decent OD in there (I use pedals and digital multi-effects which could solve that problem, but if found something versatile, why not).

2. usage
I would use it both at home and rehearsals or gigs.

3. budget
around $500-600.

4. SS/tube
as a jazzer, I don't have misconceptions about solid states or hybrids. so both will do.

5. new/used
both will do.

6. current gear
an SG for rock and metal, a Cort Yorktown for jazz, blues, world and fusion, and a Laney LX20R practice amp.

suggestions? maybe Bugera V22 or Laney LV200?
Since it sounds like jazz makes up the majority of your playing:
Look for a used Roland Jazz Chorus or Fender Hot Rod Deluxe... and get your dirt from a pedal (since it doesn't sound like this will be too often). Peavey Classic 30 or 50 would be worth a look too. You're going to the headroom for jazz
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No seriously go for a JC100. Those things sound lush.

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yeah. peavey classic 30. liked the sound too, but I'm from Poland, so I'll get it at least for $700 used, not to mention roland js or fender. btw I don't dig fenders at all for some private reasons
maybe smth cheaper?
How much do used Twin Reverbs go for in the States? Might be an option. Otherwise, a used JC120 or a new HRD are solid choices. The JC especially can be found for a decent price (seen 'em go for around 400 pretty regularly).
See if you run into an old Peavey Deuce, too. They're cheap (last one I saw went for 150&euro, and have gorgeous cleans. And at 120w it's plenty powerful.

All of these are bright rather than warm, so for that typical smooth and warm jazz tone, you'll want to roll down your tone knob quite a bit. They're suitable though, and should have sufficient headroom.

EDIT: Jeez, when you're from Poland, why do you give your price range in US-Dollars?

Wiat, I'll look up some stuff for you.
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it's a long story about the US dollars. let's say that it's just more convenient for me to count like that.
and btw it's not the main topic
It's just weird because if you type in $, people are going to assume you're in the States. And the gear-availability and prices there are a bit different than in Europe.

Okay, cheap option:
Loud with nice cleans. These are made by Yersov and there's a similar version being sold with Yerasov's name on it, which would also qualify. Their target market seems to be east Europe and Russia primarily, so you might just bump into one.

Now my personal favourite when it comes to new stuff:
Great cleans and it'll also do jazz-rock/fusion type stuff easily. Very good amp, but I guess a bit above budget? Hard to find used as of yet.

If you're still looking at Bugera, the V55 would be better than the V22. Better cleans, and also louder cleans.

The Peavey Deuce and Roland JC recommendations still apply btw. If you don't mind, look for used gear on ebay.co.uk, ebay.de and ebay.fr. A lot of the people selling their stuff there will ship to any place in Europe and let's face it, these are the biggest markets for used gear you'll find on the continent.
I know about Yerasov's stuff, never tried it out though. maybe I should
don't want roland jc because of the weight, and peavey deuce isn't that warm for me.

the best at that time would be peavey c30 but I'm open to any other suggestions.
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Same issue as with the V22 - small amp, little headroom. Though the H&K has a nicer speaker (possibly more efficient and therefore louder) and good reverb. The cleans on it sound good, they really do. Still, 20w just isn't what you want in an amp that's supposed to be loud and clean. The C30 is kinda the same, btw, even though it's got more wattage.

I really think the V55 and GTA are your best options on the cheap. They're nice enough and have a good amount of headroom. If you want something really nice and can save up a bit more, the Statesman Dual 6L6 is worth every penny.

Anyway, that's all I can think of.
for the cheapest ones, V55 is better than GTA. GTA's cleans are more sterile or transparent or whatever you can call it. I'll check out some other Yerasov stuff however, such as Classic 45 or Marvel 30.
imho Statesman is more like bluesy, not jazzy. good cleans anyway, but the color doesn't suit me at all. that's why I preferred 25th anniversary edition which is a bit smoother.
anyway thanks a lot.

oh yeah, and I've thought about a clean booster to solve the headroom problem. and not even about the pedal but my Floor Pod Plus switched to bypass mode. can I do like that or the sound would change a lot? on SS amps it doesn't.
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Clean boosters don't increase your headroom. The booster itself puts out a clean signal that's boosted in comparison to it's input, but that will actually overdrive the input stage of your amp.

Nothing short of modifying the amp's power-stage will give you more headroom.

Did you actually try these amps, or are you going off youtube clips? Each of these amps can sound jazzy or not, depending on settings.

EDIT: If you like the tone of the Edition Tube, there's a Statesman model that runs EL84s just like it (Statesman Quad EL84). It's got twice the wattage of the Edition Tube and a middier, "warmer" tone than the 6L6. It's also cheaper. But I'd still take the 6L6 and just turn down the tone knob on the guitar for jazz.
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Quote by TheQuailman
Clean boosters don't increase your headroom. The booster itself puts out a clean signal that's boosted in comparison to it's input, but that will actually overdrive the input stage of your amp.

but having the same headroom the boosted clean is still louder, isn't it?
louder AND more distorted. aka less headroom
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Quote by dg-silhouette
but having the same headroom the boosted clean is still louder, isn't it?

Headroom is the amount of volume you get maximum before the amp starts distorting. If you boost a clean amp running at said volume it will get louder, but it will also start distorting - which is not really what you want for a typical jazz tone. The maximum clean volume is the same, booster or not.

I think you're getting hung up on the name of "clean boosters". Contrary to what the name suggests, they actually make your amp distort more easily.