So my current set up is,

ESP LTD M-1000 --> TU-3 --> MT-2 clone --> NS-2 in X config --> Krank rev jr 20W.

Im looking to replace the MT-2 clone, for something more transparent but im not sure what would fit the bill.

What i think i need is a clean boost, just to push my amps pre amp stage a little harder and tighten up the gain.
This is the setup i use to play dethcore, tech death etc etc...

I was thinking about a bad monkey? would that fit the bill?
Or do you have any better suggestions?

I live in the uk and would be willing to go used i dont really want to spend much more than £40-£60

Many Thanks, James.
It sounds like you could use an OD.I use one an ibanez tubescreamer to boost my gain and to push my amp.
you can treat an OD like a clean boost, and aside from a slight mid spike, they're acceptably transparent. in the given price range, yeah, I think the BM would do fine.