I am looking for earplugs that don't muffle sound like the foam expanding foam ones.

What are good options for me? I need them to be under $20.

(I will be using these for rock gigs and band practice.)
Thanks in advance!
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You taking the piss?

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Ok, so what you need is:

2 and 3/4 bags of cool original flavour doritos
1 medium sized basketball (cut in half)
Access to the cooking guild to collect honey
A half full felt-tip pen (colour of your choice)


Pour all the honey you can collect into the half basketball, (You must use clear honey as cloudy honey gives that muffled sound you don't want!)

Place all the doritos into a black Ralph Lauren sock and then proceed to beat your Grandma over the head with them until they are suitably crushed.

Now add the doritos to the honey mixture, also now pour in the ink to the pen you chose and sew the basketball back up.

Now play a full game of basketball against the LA Lakers and make sure you net AT LEAST 3 slam dunks.

Pour half of the mixture into each ear and leave for 27.945 minutes precisely.

Hey Presto! You now have perfect earmuffs at the colour of your choice!

You're Welcome.
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Steve, get a fog machine. You probably need it.

The earplugs Hayley Williams is wearing in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFEUpvpjukM

...are awesome. (The backing vocals for the chorus, on the other hand)

But I actually don't know what make they are. Make sure you don't get cheap drummer foam ones, they don't work very well and they build up earwax and air pressure.
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^I've heard good about er20s.
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Peltors. I know they're made for shooting but I use mine for just about everything that one could need earplugs for and they work great. They don't muffle hearing much either.
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^what he really needs is a new amp.

What he really needs is a baby irish raccoon.
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