http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAYIwzecUTE&playnext=1&list=PL9A01B047AA94FFDE <im sure ultimate-guitar.com would tab this for me for guitar, but id love u for life as a bffl if you would tab this for me for guitar, at least the main riff/intro/chorus (which are the same notes). thank you. ^_^ ily bud. i'd love the tracks u walk forever if ud help me w/ this thanx again.> <---thats my post from facebook but YA SOSHLA S UMA! ive gone nuts so i wouldnt want to compose a proper ultimate-guitar.com note.

newez what's proper really? XD ^_^ lol so yea this is the original track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lAjs0gV5ug&feature=related this site/the entire internet only has the CHORDS FOR THE DAMN SONG. i want the main riff/intro/chorus in standard tuning guitar tabulature (which are the same note composition). once i get this item of intrigue ill move the notes in the tab down to my C#G#C#F#BbEb tuning. newez any help would rock. HI5 and be happy.
No. I think you are in the wrong forum.

What does you're being grateful have anything to do with motivating someone to tab it for you? We have no idea who you are, it's not even like you're a friend. Now if Dim5 came and asked for help with something (he wouldn't) a lot of us would help him, because he's known here. The last I saw, just because we are on the internet doesn't make us less human or our time less valuable.

Why don't you do something for me and I'll be "grateful" too? It will only take about 2 hours of your time.

Ah whatever, Here:

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yea ill do something for u. what would that entail? and sorry thats just how i talk socially, when w/ this i should have had my teacher / student personality going but i had a rough day n the net is like crazy and yea um ... i missed a klonipin and my social persona and my student/teacher/intellectual persona got jumbled and i ended up going nuts scott weiland style minus the crack, coke, and herion. newez thank you, and again i was just anxious/stressed have ptsd. anyways im in endebted to at least do a task for u. so again, what would this mission entail?