Hey guys, I have an old crappy strat knockoff that Im trying to fix up. Got any tips on improving sounds? Im obviously gonna replace the pickups, but any improvements I can make without spending any cash or spending very little cash? Im looking for weird sounds to just to get an original sound, and like I said its an old guitar, so I wouldnt mind drilling holes or anything like that. Thanks!

EDIT: Im working with a $35 budget.
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Do what I do to all my strats with single coils.
Cut the pickguard and put in a bridge humbucker and maybe if you want, a neck humbucker.
But if you're feeling lucky put 3 humbuckers in it, and take out the tone pots and put in coil tapping switches and a killswitch in their place.
Couldn't think of anything funner to do with a guitar, the reason I love stratocasters.
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With $35 there isn't a whole lot to be done that would improve your tone.

What amp do you have? You can put $200 pickups in it and if you're playing through a cheap SS amp, the difference won't be dramatic.
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U can try getting one of GFS pickups, they aren't expensive and quite good for their price.
One of the best things you can do that's cheap is give it a new set of strings and do a proper setup. Adjust the trussrod if needed, adjust the bridge saddles, replace the nut etc. and get the action and feel as good as you can get it.