I finish my exams at the end of May, and then I have four months off. What does a bored 19 y/o with no friends and four months off do? Works at becoming a ****ing epic musician, that's what.
Ok, admittedly, I suck at the minute. I've been learning for two years, but I've been really uncommitted, though I want to be awesome, and this is quite possibly my last summer, can't think of a better time to work on it TBH.
Does any one have any tips or pointers or anything generally helpful that could help me? I'm particularly into Thrash and Heavy Metal, as well as Hard Rock and Pop-Punk. I want to be able to write, play and record my own music. Nothing overly spectacular now, just some stuff I could record and put onto youtube or whatever. I was thinking of buying a Bass, Mic and audio interface for my PC as well. Would this be wise, or would I be better off waiting until I'm better before I do this.

Long, drug-out post, I know, I'm sorry =[
Many thanks though peeps.
Learn songs that you currently are not skilled enough to play.
Yeah challenge yourself, whether it's with trying to write your own songs, or learning some difficult songs, or even getting into some basic music theory.
You should buy the gear and record yourself,then in a month or two compare the recordings with what you can do then.You'll be amazed at how much better you've become.When you record yourself you can play it back and more easily find the parts of a song you need to work on.You will also notice things about your technique that need improvement also.Hey,remember you have thousands of "friends" on UG,right?
My personal tip would be to learn songs.

It might not sound like a special tip, but that's the way I personally go for developing my skills and abilities as a guitarist. I pick a song that I like and break it down and learn it riff by riff and lick by lick and then I play along with the song.

When you're done with one song you begin learning another and so on and by doing that you start to pick up how different musicians write songs and also you develop your skills by learning songs that contain bits that are just a tad more difficult than things you've played before.

Personally, guitar-exercises just doesn't do it for me, I'd much rather improve my technique by mastering a song than by repeating some unmusical exercise over and over. But that is something you will have to discover for yourself, some of the absolute best musicians ever have learned their skills from repeating endless exercises, it's just that, personally, playing guitar for "exercise" removes all my motivation for playing the guitar.

Also it might seem like a huge contradiction to what I just wrote, but take some time to learn scales and modes, they are hugely helpful tools for songwriting and general lead-playing.
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If you just dedicate yourself, you'll be fine. I play all the heavy stuff too, and if you take the time to learn specific techniques you can combine them all to form ultimate shreddingness. I leaned to improve my speed mostly by playing along with The Devil Wears Prada (hey john, what's your name again? and Reptar, King of the Ozone specifically). Once i mastered those, the rest sort of came easily. Just overall practice and dedication will improve your playing.

I have faith in you bro!
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this is simple, learn songs and practice.

doesn't matter what songs, as long as you approach them correctly and decide that you will find something new with each song you learn. infact you will get better no matter how simple or difficult the song, just some songs show greater improvement than others since you will always learn something, maybe a new style of riff, maybe a different progression, maybe a new lick, maybe you'll get faster, maybe you'll learn to be more melodic, the list goes on.

just learn a new song (whole song not just a riff or two) as often as possible. then make those songs part of practice. maybe run through all of them till you hit five then only run through four of them a day (make sure all of them are being played regularly and none are being ignored) this will help you keep those skills, and you never know when knowing a song will come in handy....

good luck!
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Works at becoming a ****ing epic musician

and this is quite possibly my last summer.

What's the point if your away to kick it?
Your going at this all wrong.

First you must quit school and all other things that create a distraction for you.Don't worry. When you've become a Kick Ass guitarist. You won't need an education.

Then you must lock yourself in a room with a guitar and devote a few years to practicing and getting Awesome.

Then play and become Rich and Famous.

.... Your Welcome.

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If I could give you any advise it would be work on listening!!!

Check out the musicans you like, not just guitarists but any musican and in any genre... and study them. See what they do diffrently and what it is about their voice as a musican you like and dont like. It can be something as simple as what scales or key they prefer. Or something as complicated as the relationship between their articulation, dynamics, phrasing, spacing, tone, rhythm, ect...

If your going to start messing around on bass I would suggest check out James Jamerson he was the house bassist for Motown... and has played on more #1 tracks than any other musican. He had a gift where he could hold down a rock solid groove, but also play a counter melody to the singer at the same time. That is very rare, and very difficult to do!!! Check out "For once in my life", "Dear Darling", "Whats going on", ect... and you'll see what I mean. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temps, The Suppremes all had one thing in common... this guy and the other Funk Brothers were on their tracks.

IMO those are some of the best songs ever written. For example in "for once in my life" you have Stevie Wonder an amazingly gifted an talented musican with Jamerson playing a counter melody to his singing. It's like a duet... listen to their dynamics, IMO thats how you build a song that will stand the test of time. They never step on each others toes, and when one has something important to say listen to what the other is doing. IMO, it's pure genius.
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Even at 10 hours a day you won't get that far in 4 months. You'll get some awesome progression but probably not to the level you'd think. Unless you're becoming some super-diverse player who can do jazz/metal/fusion/blues/classical[neo]/what have you; then all that time will be beneficial.

I'd say learn music theory and listen to a TON of songs and learn them all, then you can learn how various people piece things together, and make your own stuff.
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Anywho- Ontopic, Really the only thing I can tell you is to learn songs that challenge you technically, right nowsome bands that have songs that challenge me are Lamb of God, Trivium, and The Absence... Unless you're bordering on the verge of intermediate and advanced skill, I wouldn't reccomend the Absence until a bit later.

Good luck man

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I attempted the "Drink Paul Gilbert's blood to become amazing" method.
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Thanks guys. Read through this and taken it on board. What I think I'm gonna do is learn mostly covers for now, and post them on youtube to get critiqued. Nothing special for now, but it will help immensely.

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