Well guys, I'm looking to get a new strat, I have nice guitars for all styles except a strat. I have a PRS Santana SE an Epi LP for humbuckers and a Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom as well, but for a strat style guitar, I am using a mid 90's knock off and am looking to upgrade.

Johnny F is one of my favorite guitarists and I am looking to get a frusciante look-a-like because i obviously can't afford a '57 or '62 strat. I've narrowed it down to the Classic Vibe 50's, Classic Vibe 60's and replace the tortoise shell pickguard with a mint one, or a standard MIM sunburst.

What would you guys recommend? Is the Fender name worth the extra $150, or are the CV strats as good as the tele is?
I love the Classic vibe teles. And the strat I played seemed really solid, though i didnt play it long. Id say both the classic vibe and the MIM are safe bets. Id get the CV and with the saved money upgrade the pups
The CV Strats are as good as or better than the Fender is, certainly as good as the Teles. I would go for one if I were you. They actually put decent parts in the CVs because they're the top model, while they cheap out on the basic MIM components (especially the drecky pickups and trem).
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G&L!! really though these are good guitars and generally better built than similar priced fenders. the trem system on them is also very sturdy unlike a strats.
So you guys are saying the CVs are good, which one do I get then? I really dig the look of the vintage tint maple neck, but I don't know the difference between maple and rosewood's effect on tone or maintanence or whatever and John's main strat is a rosewood neck so idk which one to get.
Rosewood will sound a touch darker and warmer, closer to JF's sound. The maple will sound brighter and pingier. Depends on what kind of sound you like. Since you already have a Tele and want to get close to Frusciante's sound I would recommend the rosewood neck, but it's really about the sound you want.
Gibson ES-137C
Parker P8EN
AC Custom Special P Bass