sick guitar
- Synyster Schecter Standard
- Peavey Vyper 15

I'm currently using Cubase 5 for any recording purposes.
Sounded very good to me, couldn't hear any mistake as the two tracks seemed like one. HOw did you make the title at the beginning with that metal font? Maybe some tips to improve would be play it standing up.
Very Good job !!

Although not my cup of tea, the playing itself is very nice and your tone is good too !

Keep on rockin !

Very good cover, no noticeable mistakes and i love your guitar tone. As you said it's a little difficult to distinguish your guitar playing from the original song at times and this is why i prefer complete covers, but i was still impressed with this one. There's not really much else to say but if you can i would recommend you start looking into drum software and stuff as i'm sure if you tried, complete covers would sound excellent.

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Very well played. It's hard to hear your tone but I guess that means you stayed close to the original. One thing I'd tell you to do is to stop staring at the fretboard so much; Just try to stay relaxed and confident with your playing, it would be pretty boring to see someone play like that at a live gig (trust me I've been there :P)

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