First off, I have about the worst recording set up ever lol. I got an old mic made in the 80's that my gram found in her attic. plugged into the computer, then I plug headphones into my amp (a cheap Samick SGA30) and crank my amp all the way up. then I put the mic by the headphones, and hit record on Audacity. And my guitar just sounds like shit when I play it back haha. I'm on a really tight budget, so I can't really buy anything, but anyway I can help fix this tone problem?

not without paying out on that front, sorry man! theres music software programs that you could use to EQ... but you're best of starting with up grading your hardware.
God this is just a shit sandwich

You're recording a shit amp with a shit mic in a really shitty way. Come back when you get some new gear.
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