I think it's clearly a very ambitious project. I'd like to know if this is purely a solo project, or if their are other people involved.

The recording quality will tarnish most peoples perspective of the music. But, with the assumption that you did this yourself with a shitty computer microphone, I'd say I really like the music. Your vocal style is rather folky, almost reminiscent of a less nasally conor oberst. The guitar work is phenomenal, assuming it's not dubbed over multiple tracks. If it is, then, well, it's still a very unconventional approach, and that alone is worth something.

Lyrically speaking, I think the lyrics are poignant enough to guide the listener emotionally, yet ambiguous enough to retain a little mystery and ambiguity.

All in all, I like it. A lot. I'd like it even more if your recording ability was on par with your ambitions... though that can be said of just about any musician/artist. The medium always has limitations. I'd just like to hear this with a lot less of them.

Thank you for sharing this.
wow, thank you. that was really kind. another lost highway, back roads, and cruisin with the ganj were all multitracked, but everything else was one track, and yeah, with a shitty mic. it's just me.
i'm glad you like my vocals. i still think they could use some work.
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