I Really like Third Eye Blind (Their second album especially.)

are good examples of the tone i'm looking for I think.

New or Used:
Don't care.

Home or Gig:
Band Practice/Small Gigs

Closest City:
Boston/Providence But it's a bitch to get there, since I live on an island off of the Cape.

Current Gear:
65 Watt Crate Flexwave, Johnson Strat Copy, Epiphone LP-100.

1) What amp would you reccomend?
2)What guitar?
3) What (If any) OD/Dist Pedals?
I don't know if I can help you if you think Blue is 3EB's best album...

EDIT: At least you like Third Eye Blind...Ok - I would go with a Les Paul of some sort - I recommend the Epi LP Traditional Pro - look for a used one for around $300. They have coil taps so you can get a wide range of tones, which is good because that band uses LPs generally, but sometimes strats (haven't seen them live in a few years). Or a PRS SE Soapbar II.

You need an amp with great, warm thick cleans. A Fender Twin Reverb would be great, Vox AC30, maybe a Peavey Classic 30?, as well as the Hot Rod Deville (this is the amp I'd get). You also will need a delay pedal of some sort, a compressor as well (they have a lot of clean bits). The Hot Rod should get as dirty as you'll need it, maybe get an SD-1 or Bad Monkey to push it a little further.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head - I know I'm probably missing a few things.
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