I was a kid when I noticed the marks
carved into trees, maybe five or six
the pattern always the same
two letters
heart shape
two letters
i was intrigued, i imagined them a sort of code
messages to spies in the field:
mission aborted
rendezvous failed
drop compromised

and so armed with a pocketknife
i began to join in this
clandestine communication
with my own variations
random letters
odd shapes
words I didn't understand
whatever wandered into my mind:

karaoke sam
won the derby



I imagine it must have struck people as strange
to read this half-calculated nonsense
but what strikes me now
as i walk once again in the park of my youth
in the sudden easter sunshine

is that the one carving
left of mine
that I can find
says my name
(heart shape)
your name

C4C, be negative if you can