im in a deathcore band and i dont know which pedal to buy because my marshall isint heavy enough. its between the Boss MT2 Metalzone, Digitech Hardwire TL2 and the electro harmonix Metall Muff
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new amp

Where's Waldo?

So you need a new amp... No pedalz for br00tal distortion...

inb4 mg flame. The mg is a better amp then given credit for, especially with active pups, You just need to eq it for win. try all the bass, the mid abit above 12 oclock, and the treble around 1 oclock.

Besides that hold off for a new amp. btw, pedals sound horrid through mg's.
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The Metal Zone sounds really nice. But as stated above me, I guess they don't sound good on MG amps. But, in my experience, the pedal does sound nice. Plenty of gain there.
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