Hi guys,

I have an ESP LTD M-50 and I've looked about and seen that it's stock pickups are rubbish. If I were to buy EMGs would there be a huge difference? I have a Roland 20XL Solid State amp.

probably not a big diffference for the better with a solid state amp. Peavy vypyrs are cheaper than a set of EMG's tho, you cna get the 15 for $15, which should give you a nice distorted tone.
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don't bother with emg's until you get a tube amp. Your roland is fine, just upgrade to a tube amp when you have the money and then get emg's in the ltd or just get an ltd with emg's installed.
Why would you mod ANY LTD/ESP w/ EMGs? Nearly every model over $400 has EMGs stock, just get a new guitar.
Like everyone's said, you're not going to notice much difference with a change of pickups with that amp. Save up money, and buy a better amp before you try upgrading your guitar.
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worked out for me....but get a better amp first or else....
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Depending on where you went you could still get a decently priced tube amp in NZ. I saw a bugera 2x12 combo (I think a 333xl or 6262? I didn't take too much notice) in dollar dealers the other day for $600 NZD, or you could save up for a Peavey Valveking or something. Or go even smaller, get an Epi valve junior or something and some pedals for it. I don't know which is the most economical way to do shit here.

It pretty much goes amp>guitar>pickups>everything else in defining your major tone shape, so I agree with the others. Go for a better amp first.
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