i found two vintage 30's from a guy which happen to be 16ohm each.

my 5150 combo is a 16ohm minimum and are right now wired with two 8 ohm sheffield's.

this guys selling the pair of v30's for $150

is it possible to wire the two 16 ohm v 30's to fit my amp?
And if so how do i do it???????????????

will it degrade sound quality at all since they are not 8 ohm? or will it change my tone? thanks
you can have 4 or 32.
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^ I think you meant 8 or 32.

you can wire 2 - 16s in parallel and get an 8 ohm load total or
you can wire 2 - 16s in series and get a 32 ohm load total

If the combo sends 16 only then I wouldn't run into 8 ohms of speakerage.

Can that combo run external cabs at 8?

No, there will be no noticeable tone change under normal operation. Not enough to get into here.

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Wire two 8 ohms in series.

Can't do it with two 16 ohm.
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thanks for the help guyz.

sucks that it wont work two of them for 150 would have been a nice deal