So I recently (as in tonight) wrote my first actual song, guitar wise anyways. However I realized that the Solo section is almost identical to the tapping lick from The Sound of Truth - As I Lay Dying. Obviously I didn't mean to have that happen, it just happened that those notes fit perfectly when I was putting it together. Would it be wrong to keep the solo the way it is, knowing that it's similar to another song, or since I wrote it before without noticing would it be alright?

I know it seems obvious I should change it, but the solo sounds good with what I have so I don't really want to change it lol
Play it to some people who know the As I Lay Dying song but dont know your song and see if they pick it up as a copy, If they do, change it, if not you might as well keep it.
Depends on what else is going on musically. You could get away with saying it was influenced by them, that's all cool. Do you plan on making loads of money and getting famous? Cuz if you dont think that will happen, I'm sure no one will really come after you.