can anyone recommend some good albums with sax and guitar doubling a lot of melodies?
i like the texture they give when played together
paul desmond and jim hall have quite a few albums together, you should look into those.
Specific albums:
Adam ROGERS - Apparations (thanks for the heads-up, I tend to do that)
Barney Kessel - Let's Cook (some songs)
George Benson - Cookbook, It's Uptown
Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue
Howard Roberts - Magic Band
Grant Green - Solid, Idle Moments
Johnny Smith - Moonlight in Vermont
Sonny Rollins - The Bridge
Wes Montgomery - Full House
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Scott Hamilton and Bucky Pizzarelli - The Red Door (... Remember Zoot Sims)
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Grant Green - Solid, Idle Moments

Win, that album is awesome.
alright ill check some of these out. thanks.
i downloaded an album from michael brecker last night with pat metheny on it. pretty good stuff
check out some george thorogood?
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