So I've got a few items I'd like to trade/sell to fund a 7 string GAS. If I were to trade, I'm looking for a 7-string, an MXR Carbon Copy, or a Line 6 Pod XT Live, but any and all offers will be entertained.

-ESP FX-260SM w/hsc. Absolutely perfect condition. Sounds amazing, and has a great looking spalted maple top. $400 obo.

-Dean ML DBD-T w/light leer case. Some scratches on bottom wings. I tried to take pictures but they never come out... "Reinventing the Steel" inlay over fretboard, can remove if you would prefer. $250 obo.

-Digitech RP350 w/power supply, box, and any box candy I can find. Great effects processor, I just don't use it much anymore. $125 obo.

-Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Pedal. No power supply. $50 obo.

-Marshall MG30DFX. Works great, I know the MG line has a bad rep, but this is a great practice amp if you ask me. $100 obo.

-Line 6 Toneport UX1 w/ usb cable. Plug in your guitar and use the line 6 software to generate different tones and whatnot. It's pretty fun to mess around with, but I don't use it anymore. $75 obo.

Cell phone pictures :/ I can probably borrow my friends camera if serious interest is shown in anything. PM me with any inquiry, offers. Worst I can say is no.
esp hsc.jpg