ive decided to build an acoustic guitar, but because i have no actual equipment to build it with. so i was wondering would it be cheaper to order the guitar part by part, and assemble it my self? obviously i want to focus on having great quality and still have it cheaper than a manufactured one of similar quality.

im wondering if anyone has tried this Ikea approach to guitar building? and if they'd recommend it. cheers guys
Basically you can't do that. The point of mass production is low end cost. You can't beat the professionals who squeeze every cent from cheapening evey aspect and part in a guitar possible. If you want quality - you're gonna pay for it. Either you do it yourself or just buy a great guitar.

It's not that hard. All you have to do is plan ahead and have some patience. Buy some wood and put it to dry. While it's drying - gradually buy tools. (it takes a few months) and in the meantime - read and plan the work.
The good thing about it is when you have the tools to build a guitar - you also have the tools to make another one and sell it. Also you can repair guitars for friends.

Cheers. Jinx.
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like ace said, you cant get brilliant quality and have it be cheaper than a guitar that you could buy. especially on your first try. especially as acoustics are quite hard to get right with the bracing etc. theres quite a number of good books you can buy to help you plan it if you wanted to.

if i were you though, i'd go participate in an acoustic guitar building course. you get to use all the correct tools and jigs, with instruction from luthiers with experience, and you get a quality guitar at the end.