Stop right there criminal scum, pay the court a fine or serve your sentence, your stolen goods are now forfeit.


You're a douchenozzle.

Ok kill the thread.
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I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but everything is against the rules at UG
You're a piece of shit for stealing it, but you're an even bigger piece of shit for stealing a ****ing zune.
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Bitches be Crazy.

hahahahaha you stole a Zune LOL. Now he can get an iPod. You loose.
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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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... Really? You lack that much common decency to give it back to the person who made the mistake of leaving it behind? What if that was your Zune you left, and someone stole it?

You're a piece of shit. I hate thieves.
If it was an iPod I could understand, but this kid probably won't even care. He probably regrets ever buying it.
Needlenick wrote:

Dave Grohl has officially literally done everything.
god I hate mirror threads

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These nouns are often used with a form of "to be" rather than "to have," e.g., "he is pwnage" rather than "he has pwnage". Either is a more emphatic way of expressing the simpler "he pwns,"
This is weird because my friend was looking to get rid of her Zune earlier today. She said it was new, too....
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Lmfao! Posted today and everything.

Holy crap what a coincidence!!
You're a ******

Look at the Apple elitists in this thread.
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Holy crap what a coincidence!!

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I believe you're telling the truth, and I gotta say: Great job! I love both thieves and internet trolls. Well done, sir.
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People can't tell a troll topic?

People can't tell the difference between trolling and joking?
You'll never beat the "I stole some guy's table" thread. Nevar evar!
You can call me Aaron.

Out on parole, any more instances of plum text and I get put back in...
Cool story, bro.
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Stay classy, pit.