I am buying a guitar for my son who just turned thirteen. I got this website from a friend. Been checking it out. Lot's of used guitars. Anyone have anything positive or negative to say. I'd like to know before I order.

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Don't buy guitars online, especially if they are used.
Is it your Son's first guitar?
Take him into the local music shop and get in to try out a few guitars and see what he likes.
Never heard of it - but I'd go with an Agile of some sort, the 2000 series. They are cheap, have good customer service, and are higher quality for the money than equivalent Epiphones. I have no personal experience with them, this is all just from reading these forums for years, however.
I've heard of that site. They have some really good deals on used electrics, but their shipping is usually something ridiculous, like 30-40 dollars.

Though I'm with Ultraussie. Bring him to a shop and have him hold a bunch of guitars and see which is the most comfortable. Try to keep the price under $300, should he ever give up want to give up playing guitar.
Daddys isn't strictly online. They have tons of stores mostly located in the New England area. Not sure where you are located so you may or may not be able to get to one. If you're looking to buy one online I know they are very reputable and their customer service is great if you need anything. Bob Foley is very helpful.

However I would reccomend buying off of Guitar Center's used section of their website. They have a lot better gear for better prices than Daddys. But if you're set on buying from them, they are reputable. I wouldn't worry about getting scammed but I would def call them before you buy so you can ask whatever questions need to be asked. Same thing with GC used.
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I recommend Guitar Center's online site highly, but I actually chose Daddy's over them last summer. The shipping is free if you ship to a Daddy's store, which Guitar Center doesn't do, so you actually save a little bit over GC in most cases. It was a great experience overall. If you're near a store definitely try it out.
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I had a Daddy's Junky Music near me growing up (in Massachusetts). It was a great store. But I would still recommend buying from a physical store if at all possible. Every once in a while you come across a lemon, and there's no way to be sure if you can't see the instrument first.

However, if you have to buy it online and the deal/shipping/etc. is good, then go for it. Like I said Daddy's is a good store. The clerks I dealt with were always very helpful (more so than some of the Guitar Center guys I've dealt with over the years).
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