Hey GG&A.

i have a Mexican Tele Deluxe, the pickups sound like dog clit, i'd like to replace them with pickups of the same shape/spacing.

is the only option to buy Fender 72' RI wide range humbuckers? or is there some magical company out there that makes a good replacement?

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Please tell us what exactly are the attributes that you dislike about your tone, and the attributes you're looking for. "Dog clit" may be humourus, but it's hardly descriptive.
ooh, you used dog clit instead of saying shit to be original and badass
awesome! commends commends
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the pickups are not the problem.

How is that even remotely helpful to the TS?

TS as Quail said. what do you want them to sound like? Genres / Artists is very helpful in these instances so we can direct you towards something that suits what you are after
^ I thought they were slightly bigger, but i could be wrong.

Several of the boutique guys make wide ranged-sized 'buckers... catswhisker, curtis novak, etc.
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they are slightly larger and require four mounting screws.

i find them to lack balls (bottom end), they're too twangy.
personally i little higher output would be lovely, i don't use a whole lot of gain, i don't drop tune or anything, maybe a little open D occasionally.

they sound like filtertrons which have been kicked in the groin and will never be able to produce offspring.

i play in an early 90's influenced melodic punk rock band (lifetime, bad religion, good riddance, bouncing souls, hot water music etc etc)
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I think Novak (or someone similar) offered a service where he rewinds the fender wide-rangers to make them more like the originals.

If you want melodic punk that still might not be the best choice though
^i have heard of that service, but he still doesn't use the CUNIFE magnets and you still have to change your pots out (as listed below). then you're not really guaranteed a product you prefer.

the wide range humbuckers are slightly bigger, this makes you replace the pickguard if you wanna change them out for another type of pup (you gotta live with the bigger routes in the wood though)

one thing i'd suggest before going too crazy is to replace the volume pots with 500K log taper pots. i believe the originals come with 250K which makes them sound pretty weak and muddy. when i did the replacement it opened up the pups quite a bit and my tele deluxe became a much more usable guitar.

not saying that the pot replacement will solve your problems, but it is a good place to start without having to get new pups and new pickguard (and most humbuckers you will replace the wide range pups with will need 500K pots anyway...) so it's worth a shot.
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thanks gumbilicious, i will order some of those and see what happens.
some guitars
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