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65 29%
89 40%
Not sure if care
97 43%
I have luscious nipples
89 40%
Voters: 224.
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What is your opinion on chest hair?
Do you have it? If you do, do you shave it or do you flaunt it?
Personally I don't really care whether or not someone has it, just as long as it doesn't fall in my food.
Tonight I witnessed a guy shave a dick shape into his chest hair. It was awesome.

EDIT: Philip Pepper is so gonna dominate this thread (refer to sig)
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I have chest hair, which is really weird for a woman :/
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I shave off all my hair other than the stuff on my head. Not only do I find it rather disgusting and annoying, I only get a little bit so I can never really grow out of that adolescent look.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
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I can grow up to about 3 hairs on my chest, I'm almost 21,

I have very little body hair, and what I grow gets shaved off..

Edit: public poll is public.

I'm almost 21 as well, and my "chest hair" consists of a handful stringy little buggers like sentry guards around my nipples.
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That's weird and kind of gross.

I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
ive barely got any chest hair. just few on the sternum and nipples. the main attraction is a happy trail that's been slowly turning into a happy field over the past few years.
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Because it is weird and kind of gross.

Well that's rather arbitrary. I have not the chest hair, but I don't mind because I feel it would get in the way of my huge pecs.
All of the above!

Seriously, I do not want much of it. I'm an albino ...and I don't want to turn into a white chewbacca
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Do Not Want, but having a greek heritage it is compulsory i have a grizzly body... LIKE A MOFUKKIN' BEAR YO! ... too lazy to shave it though.
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I barely have any chest hair, and it's concentrated around my nipples

I come from a long line of not-very-hairy men
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My chest is pretty hairy. I can't be arsed to shave it. No-one's ever complained.
My chest looks like it could be just as comfortable hanging in the display case of 70's themed eatery as it would on the merch table at a Star Wars convention.
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For some reason I don't have any chest hair even though my arms/legs are pretty hairy. I don't really mind since I would rather have none then look like a wolfman.
I don't have it ):
and my facial hair isn't at its full potential yet either.

But I have perma-ugg boots on!

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I have it, and its awesome.
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What is wrong with all you people who shave chest hair? If you're not a women, leave it be. It only grows to about 1/2 an inch anyway, then it stops growing. So what if you look like chewbacca?
I have a small amount of hair. I don't really care, either. I'm not a wookie, unlike this UGer here.
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I couldn't grow chest hair to save my life. I'm like a lizard.
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