Hi guys!
Guitar is my bigest passion! So i decided to make my own very first acoustic guitar!
If there's any body that have already made his own guitar or is the proffesional guitar maker to give me instructions how to begin from the very base untill the end. The material,measures and the tools i need.
Is there any good web site or link i can use to start with?

Thank you!
Acoustics are a fair bit harder than electrics. I'd recommend getting a book to guide you through the processes. You'll need some specific equipment too such as a bending iron and you'll have to make your own rigs for bending and gluing. If you're happy to give it a bash then go grab a book, this one's been helpful for me: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Books,_plans/Plans/Step-by-Step_Guitar_Making.html
can you by any chance scan and send me that book to my email? I would be trully thankfull.
Bugger that, get off yer lazy ass and buy one. Nah but seriously it's 140 something pages plus i can't scan the actual A2 sized plan that comes with it. If you can't buy the book then have a look around for tutorials on the web and read up on all the various parts and structures that make up acoustics. You probably won't get it perfect the first try so it might be worth sacrificing some crap wood just for your first one.