Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your time.

I'm a 47 year old father of 3 who loves to learn how to play the guitar but life was never easy to offer me the opportunity to do so, but now I think I'm able to find an hour or so in the morning to pursue my new hobby. I've already purchased the Learn and Master guitar course by Steve Krenz and wanted you fine people to guide me as to which of these two guitars I should buy keeping in mind that I am a total beginner:

First one is an ibanez V70BK which I found in my local Panasonic dealer, brand new and sells for around 80$ ...

The second one is a used one I found in a blog, it's a Stinger semi acoustic, for 130$...

I'm afraid my budget is pretty low as I have other responsibilities. Any help or tips would highly be appreciated.

Mohd Reza.
I haven't been on the forum in a while, and don't really have much expertise in acoustic guitars, but from what i can tell, the stinger is definetly the best choice.
When you are learning, the better the guitar is made, the easier it will be to play and the less chance you will have to develop bad habits that come from a poorly made/maintained guitar.

The stinger is a much nicer guitar, along with being a semi-acoustic (allowing you to play through an amp when you want a change from the acoustic tone, or just want to rock out with all knobs at 11) and your fingers really will notice the difference.

On the other hand, it's used, and with all used gear you've got to make sure why it's being sold, and what condition it's in. It would be pretty crap to get your first guitar only to realise it's in crap quality and will need repairs.

So basically, the ibanez is a slightly safer bet, but the stinger is a much better guitar if it's in good quality.

One more thing, it's usually better to play your first guitar before you buy it, as you will find that some are more suited to you personally, and others aren't.

By the way, I've only been playing guitar for about 3-4 years, so if any other people comment who might be slightly more knowledgable, feel free to follow their advice instead because it'll probably be better
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First of all, good on you and above all have fun with it.
If I may make a suggestion, instead of those two guitars mentioned look at Yamaha F335, I have seen them go for a c note or so when on sale. It is a good playing, decent quality and decent sounding guitar for the money invested. Cheap Ibanez guitars don't mix well with me, had one for years so I am speaking from some experience (owned PF5 from 1996 and gave it away this year). Yamaha is far superior in that realm. Another thing is, if you have larger hands you might be better off with entry level classical while learning chords, transitions etc. I have cheap Yamaha C40 and love that bugger . If you can squeeze an hour or two go to your local guitar store and sample as many different guitars that you can, it will help you form a preference to what works for you and what doesn't. If you have a friend that already plays take him/her with you. Good Luck!
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I second the Yamaha, as cheap guitars go it doesn't get much better than Yamaha
i third the yamaha. they make the best budget guitars i know of.
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If you can, try saving up for a Yamaha FG700. They go for about $200, and honestly you won't find a better quality guitar at that price. Solid top is crucial, which the FG700 has. Just a suggestion. Otherwise, go for the Stinger or an F335