How do you get your cleans to cut through more? They sound super dull and weak and don't cut through at all in my (ska) band. I can kind of fix it by putting my volume all the way up on that channel, but even then it's still not great. And my gain is already at noon and I need to keep a pretty clean tone.

I saw Knock-Out tonight and their guitar player had a Single Rec and his clean channel sounded amazing. It was very clean but still cut through the mix really well. He had a Tube Screamer TS9 (I have a TS7 with the gain all the way down and volume all the way up and it does not really get me the same effect, still sounds like an overdrive on my clean channel).

I basically want to play clean lead licks while my other guitar player is doing chords, but my cleans don't have the balls and nobody hears me. And if I hit my TS7 it's too dirty. Any ideas?
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Where are your mids set? The mids are really important for Mesa cleans, it sounds really spongy and lacks definition/clarity without enough mids.

Try to adjust your tone while you're playing with your band if you haven't. You might not like your tone as much while you're playing without your band, but you'll find a more suitable gigging tone. Cleans on Mesa can be especially touchy, but when you get the ideal sound it'll sound great.

I use a single, but I roll the gain back about as low as I can without giving up much volume. I have the volume cranked, too. I can't imagine why you'd have trouble getting your cleans through the mix with a Triple if you have enough mids.

You might know all of this already, if so, my apologies.
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I will bump the mids today at practice and see what happens. Also I can definitely turn up the volume on the channel a bit for better tone, I was just told that pegging the volume is bad for tubes.