Hey thanks for the comment. I listened to Gates Of Hell First The thing that stuck out to me was it sounds like you put of thought into how the song fit together. It flows perfectly, doesn't really throw you for any loops but it's great. I especially like the palm muting parts. I would say you fit into the general rock category. The vocals and harmonies are great! The only thing is that guitar tone could've been a little better. The solo was well constructed and wasn't rushed. Very good!
The second song was a nice transition form the kinda blazing rock song into the more ballad type song. I loved the intro. THe guitar tone sounds better on this one I probably wouldn't mess with it. I like the guitar fills and everything. You guys are really good! This is one of the few bands I've listened to here that I would actually like to keep updated on. You guys have solid music! Best of luck!

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Go into Guitar Center and tell them you are willing to spend $3000 on as many Spider and MG half stacks as they can give you.
Thanks alot Kevin! if you're interested on keeping updated feel free to Like us on facebook. it is our most up to date source of info. feel free to promote us in georgia! we hope to tour within a year and we'd love to see the south!
Gates of hell is a really good sounding song. Develops well. I'm not sure of the sound of the toms in the intro though, they're a little too harsh. Great song though, epic stuff.
Alone's great although there's a few little tiny unclear bits in the guitar fills of the intro. Again, like the first one, it develops well, you obviously put a lot thinking into your songwriting and structuring..
Sorry for the late c4c but life happens.

Well done man. Everything sounds really well produced and balanced but the overall recording tone is kindda mellow. I get the feeling that you have a real 'ballsy' live sound that somehow got dropped in the recording process. You're singer's great and it's refreshing to hear such clean singing over this kind of rock. I really like the fast parts he does in Alone but some of the held notes could be a bit more 'expressive'. Not sure if that's the right word, but a little variation in the timber would have been nice, maybe a little vocal vibrato, or ending in a sharp change of pitch, perhaps bluesy growl here or there. Like I said, it's great to hear clean vocals when there's a whole ocean of cookie monsters, but a little Jim Morison/John Lee Hooker/Eddie Vedder/Chris Cornell type rasp and dynamic would be fantastic.

All in all though, very well done.
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