First of all, hi.

Second of all, sorry if there's another generic "recommend me a bass" thread, although I feel this is kind of different.

Main point. I'm making my way from 4 to 5 string, and I can't decide what I want, an Epi TB Pro-V, Squier Deluxe Jazz V or a Traben Array Limited. I'll be playing a number of different metal genres, in addition to various punk rock and pop rock songs.
Which in your opinion is best, and why?

Thanks in advance.
The Thunderbird is known as a very muddy sounding bass, not very versatile.
I can’t say anything about the Traben because I’ve never played one.
As for the Squier I think that is your best (and cheapest) option. It’s very versatile and with the active EQ you could probably get a large variety of sounds.
i would second the recommendation for the squier jazz, for the same reasons, it's a great bass for the money.

and i would avoid the t-bird for the same reason stated above, as well as the horrendous neck dive that makes them unplayable for me.
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Squire Jazz V > Epi Tbird Pro V > Traben Array

The ONLY thing i didn't like about the squire, is that the fretboard is fairly wide... i don't play 5ers much, but when i do i like the narrow Ibanez spacing. In the pricerange of the basses you're looking at, check out the highest numberes Ibanez SR you can find... a used SR505 would be perfect.

Just my $0.02
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I'd say Traben (as long as you're ok with how it looks), it'll kick the crap out of most any non-CV/VM Squier, and the T bird is...well, a T bird.

I don' t want to come off sounding like a fanboy but I've used my Array Limited in a number of different band settings and its an extremely versatile, well made little bass. I'd highly recommend at least trying one if you can find one.
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Thanks for all your responses One of the reasons I couldn't decide for certain is because I currently use a Squier Affinity P (after deciding over a J), purely because its bottom is a little fatter and I like basses according to looks as well... I'll try a Traben, and if I can't find one, I'll go Squier.
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