And in THIS corner we have a 1981 PEAVEY VTW CLASSIC 2 by 12!!!! This amp features a solid state pre amp and an all tube power section! 2 twelve inch speakers driven by 50 watts of hybrid tube power!!!! But can it stand up to a 1980's PEAVEY DEUCE!!!!!

Ok but seriously. I have the opportunity to buy one of these amps. I know more on the VTX classic than I do the deuce so I'm enlisting some help from you guys. Have you ever played either of these amps? What do you know about either of the amps? And just general overviews and knowledge about the amps would be appreciated.
The VTX is $175
and the Deuce is $200
deals on wheels? A steal better than a meal?
Let me know what you think.
Thanks again UG!
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I had a VTX for a while. Nice cleans, The distortion was so-so.
The reverb was a little cheesy, It was alright as long as you kept it low.
The phaser was awesome though, Just messing with the lock feature got a lot of different tones.

The best part about the amp was the channel blend, Does the guy selling it have the footswitch?
If you shop about you could probably pick up one of peaveys all valve amps for a wee bit more if not the same amount
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