So the singer in my band has just left and for the past month we've struggled to find a good replacement. So my band came up with the great idea of appointing me as singer, the problem is I don't believe I'm a good enough singer, however they say otherwise.

So I thought I'd come to the place that's likely to give honest unbiased opinions on the matter.

If anyone would be willing to offer 2 minutes of their time to listen to this short excerpt and give their opinion on it it really would be much appreciated


Thanks, Toby.
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It was okay, i've heard a lot worse. I think you should still try and look for a lead singer though as if you're not confident in yourself then that will show when you do sing. Maybe just sing for a while untill you find a singer?
practice practice practice my friend, everyone can train themselves to sing if they want to
I'm still not that great a singer, but i've got a lot better since i first started. I was alot worse than you when i first tried!

Look at youtube videos for how to control your diaphram, how to raise your vocals up comfortably. Watch/download some vocal warm up excersizes and try to keep up.
I also used to drive (no longer have a car. Damn £1.35 p/l petrol prices!) out to anywhere, just drive, put on a cd of some of my faviourite bands and try to sing along, as in consciously try to keep up, raise to the levels they were singing.
Trying to keep up with Matt Bellamy really helped too haha.

You're not that bad, man. Keep at it. You'll learn to love it eventually and people won't be able to get you off the mic
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its not bad. if you want to sing then just keep working at it but it wasnt bad. if you don't want to sing then keep looking for someone else.
The thing is you dont have to technically be a good singer to create a good sound for a band... think bright eyes, arcade fire, jimi hendrix, oasis, arctic monkeys....

Plus I thought you sounded alright, guess it just comes down to whether your voice suits the style of music you are gonna be singing for.
I can honestly say it wasn't bad. You obviously work on it, but as long as your hitting the notes I think it's all positive.

And I'm that guy who tells people they were shit when everyone else is like "with a bit of work it could be great!"

So good on you.
Really solid job mate. I wish I could do that good.

The only thing Id say is treat singing like and instrument. Its like learning guitar. You have to learn scales and techniques ect. You already have a natural nack for singing now all you have to do is refine it.

But you have have all the hard stuff down. Id say a hour of singing a day for a week and you'll be fine.