Hey UG,

I need to make "custom" click tracks for each of our songs so we can use them during rehearsal. Since most of our songs have tempo changes in them, we can't just use a regular metronome.

I need some kind of software that would let me program a metronome track (tempo x for this many bars, then tempo y for this many bars etc.) and export them to .mp3 so I can bring them on my Mp3 Player to rehearsal .

Nothing too complicated like full on midi drums, a simple click is enough.
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Use audacity. You can generate a click track with different tempos, number of beats, reposition them etc.
You can export as an MP3 too (It'll tell you somewhere on the site how to do that, I think you need to download a codec to do it).
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Just loop a 1 bar midi track in any DAW that hits a cowbell (or any other sound you like) every beat then export that.
Every DAW will let you do that. The way i create click tracks is by creating 1 bar on midi track with EZDrums vst. Then i copy it x number of times for the duration of the composition. You can do the same, just render that one click track and you are good!
i know a lot of people on here use reaper, and it is really easy to do. open up a new track. go to insert->click source. in the correct places (count the bars) you can go to insert-> time signature/tempo change marker. drag the end of the click source so it is as long as you need. export as needed.