Hi guys,

Could you suggest me an amp on the below requirements:

Budget? - Anything up to £300 but preferably around £200

Genres? - I don't have particular genre, however something with decent cleans and decent overdrive would be good.

New or Used? - Either or either. I'll take either.

Home or Gig? - It will be used mainly at Home.

Closest City? - Bournemouth, Uk.

Current Gear? - Current gear is below in my signature. But the main thing is that I already have a main amp. This is for the lounge rather than my main amp being in my music room.

Thanks guys, I hope you can help.


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You just had a thread on this, go back to that one.
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would have said vox VT40+ but noticed you got the VT30 in your sig so i'm stuck for ideas sorry.
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