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I wanted to start a Thread dedicated to one man bands.

When I say one man bands, I mean guys that play all the instruments, record everything and then mix and produce the record all by themselves.

This guy is my favourite. He is a well known bass player from UK that I found out about in Bass Guitar Magazine. He is a session bassist but he also recorded and played all the other instruments himself and then produced the record called "Evolution Of The Thumb" which can be bought from him website -

Here is one of his heavier tracks from the album-

Here is one of the chillout tunes- (just one bass and drums!!)

Here you can preview the whole album-

Here is Andy playing along to his track called "Turrican"
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Would you count I Am Arrows? There are like 5 people in it but the album was recorded completely by one person.
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I would count any album that is entirely one person, it doesn't matter if it goes onto become a band as I hope Andy Saxton goes on to tour and play his music around the world.

But any album that is entirely self produced, performed and written. And preferably bass driven?

I mean is there actually any apart from Andy?
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I'm not sure if you'd take John Mayer as a one man band :]
Stuff :]