When I bought my RG2550e the guitar was perfect except the volume pot wasn't working. The volume was and is constantly on the maximum. The guy I bought it from said he had a guitar tech put a fender pot in and it started doing that after a while. I just replaced my pickups last night with a Dimarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton and I threw in a new pot too to fix the volume issue. I didn't get to test it out completely since I finished late at night but it appears the volume pot is still doing the max volume thing. I'm thinking it's a wiring issue since I just did a direct replacement of the pickups and pot without changing the wiring at all. I followed a wiring diagram I found on the dimarzio website for the JEM and it's all exactly the same except for 1 wire that's present on my guitar and not the JEM, which I think is a ground from the tremelo cavity to the volume pot. How can I diagnose this and find out which wire is the problem?
make sure that one of the lugs on the volume pot (usually the right one, if your right handed) is soldered to the grounding on the back of the pot