I'm trying to use my Fender Strat-SRV edition-for rock, but no matter what I do it comes out as 'twangy' and thin.

I use a TS9 tube screamer for distortion, and a marshall vintage modern for my amp (on the vintage side of things).

And even if I do find a decently thick sound I get screaming feedback (thank you single coils).

Any suggestions out there on how to thicken up a nice rock sound on my strat? any ideas on how others have done it?
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Lower your mids, just slightly, so still around noon at least.

Increase bass, then fiddle with treble, and dont have your distortion right the way up, nothing will ruin your sound more.
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Have you tried the second and fourth positions? I had a Mexican Strat for about a week(thank god for Long And McQuade's 30 day return policy), and the only way I could get a decent tone(I play just about everything from 1968 to 1994, which I find sort of ironic since I was born in '95, haha) was with the bridge and mid pickups both on, it cancels hum so you can get away with a little more gain since it doesn't mud up. You could try getting a humbucker for the bridge, that's the general solution, but if you don't wanna do that I'd try that, or cut the treble and boost the mids whilst using the bridge pickup but even then that might be muddy.
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I was able to get nice rock tones out of a bridge single coil on a strat going straight into a peavey classic 30. There was hum, but I used to play p90, so turning the volume knob to zero whenever not playing is a reflex for me.

And if you think it can't be done-listen to Ritchie Blackmore.

Also, about turning the distortion all the way up, it depends on the pickups and the type of distortion.
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The TS9 adds some brightness. Back the TS9's tone control down a little more. Don't max out the gain. For your amp you want full mids, bass at about three quarters and roll the treble back to around the middle. Keep your presence knob just barely past your treble knob if you want a really warm sound or increase it a little to get slightly more bite, but don't max it out otherwise it'll get shrill as if you increased your treble too much. You should have "detail" and "body" knobs too. Keep the detail around the middle and push the body knob up a bit.

The Texas Specials that are in the SRV Strat are great classic rock and blues single coils but you do need to be careful with their height. You might want to raise them a little more on the bass side, they'll sound warmer across the board though if you are using thick strings then the outmight might also get too much, it's a fine balancing act. Get used to making more use of the different positions and the tone control too, Texas Specials respond really well to the guitar's volume and tone controls.

It might be worth getting an EQ pedal and set it for a mid boost. That's the classic way to get single coils sounding better for rock, boost the mids by 6-12dB.
I have a strat with Texas Specials too (the same pickups that are in your SRV strat). I'm able to thicken it up a little by boosting the mids on my amp. But it's still a 3-single-coil strat. It's built to sound a certain way. It's never going to have the rock sound that you would get out of something like a Les Paul, no matter how much tweaking you do.
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Try looking at what the guys from Iron Maiden use. 2 of them only use strats (even though I did see Dave Murray play a Les Paul last year)
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Try looking at what the guys from Iron Maiden use. 2 of them only use strats (even though I did see Dave Murray play a Les Paul last year)

Iron Madien guys have humbuckers in their strats i think.
To add to that: Is the bridge raised or on the body? Many people have it so it sits flat on the body, raised does seem to give somewhat better results for strat type playing plus you can use the trem fully this way. So you may find flat to fatten the bridge pu tone and of course the tone control alone at 5 to 7 takes the edge off. For high gain with a strat i just think its helpful to go noiseless for at least the middle and or bridge pu but not mandatory unless you are using really heavy distortion. Cant comment on the feedback too much but check the pedals and amp settings may help.

The pu's in there now should be pretty decent for 70's\Blackmore and also RHCP\Frusciante hard rock.
You're using a Stevie Ray Vaughn Stratocaster, an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer and a Marshall Vintage Modern and you're having trouble getting a "Rock Tone"?

I'd first check and see if anything was broken. Then I'd check to make sure you weren't deaf.

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hendrix always got a pretty good rock tone from a standard strat and marshall amps, even when playing without effects.

could it be in the fingers?
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people forget. those iconic players who use strats, hendrix, srv, gilmour, etc., are all sungi gear nobody living today will probably every acquire new. they were either playing through vintage amps and effects that arent around any more, or are using hidden effects.

for example, in addition to the amazing gear they already posses, gilmour and clapton have been known to use either active electronics or active mid boosts on their guitars.

srv even had a custom hamiltone guitar with active pups.

that si one reason nobody can ever sound 100'% like these guys. hidden FX + gear + talent.

but one recommendation i have besides getting crazy awesome gear is A thicker strings. 9 or5 10 minimum. go for what is most comfy. thicker the better.

and B, an EQ pedal. it can REALLY thicken up your tone if you set it the right way. i mean, it does amazing things to your tone if you use it correctly.