I have a Yamaha acoustic about 2 years old. I dont love it but its good enough. I'm more an electric guy, but acoustic guitar simply sounds great and this is the guitar I tote on vacation, etc

I forget the model but its a solid top, runs about $300 in value. I have to get it set up every 9 months or so because I dont store it properly and NJ has a lot of weather changes that throw it out of whack, but its worth leaving out. Packed up guitars dont get played in my house.... Sorry... I wandered...

I want something I plug into my amp. When I jam being the the player with the least experience I usually play the rhythm stuff which is fine, its quite fun. I would like to bring the acoustic and lay down some rhythm stuff with it... think Everlast, etc

Can I drop my guitar at GC and have them drill holes, etc and install an acoustic pickup? Is that a stupid thing to ask or attempt? I have no idea what something like that would cost... would I be better off just buying a cheap acoustic with pickups for a few hundred bucks?


Many thanks folks!

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It should work as far as I know.
Can't really say anything about the cost but it shouldn't be too expensive.
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you can always get something like this
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you can always get something like this

yea... looks good. You have any experience with stuff like that? Is it just an attachment or is it permanent?

Thanks again
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yea... looks good. You have any experience with stuff like that? Is it just an attachment or is it permanent?

Thanks again

I've got that same exact pickup. I've used it in at least 3 acoustics. You just slide it in, and slide it out when you don't want it.
Absolutely. I've done it. I would recommend a JJB Prestige Elite 330. This is similar to a K & K Western mini pickup. Cost is $50 and the sound reproduction is excellent.

You need a drill and a 1/2" spade bit. Pull remove your strap pin from the end. If there is a big hole you should fill it first with Kwik Wood (Menard, Lowes, Home Depot) which is an epoxy wood filler. It will harden in less than an hour. Center the bit and drill out the hole. Then glue the transducers to the bridge plate as directed. I have found it easier to put in two bridge pins and lay the transducer on my finger with tape if necessary then move my finger to the bridge pin and back it off slightly then place and hold the transducer for 1 minute. I recommend using disposable gloves because you will get glue on yourself. I've done it this way several times and it's essentially bulletproof and they sound great.