I am going to be wiring a guitar from scratch. It will be a single humbucker with one volume pot. Here is the diagram from guitarelectronics.com.


and this is the wiring kit I bought from Warmoth:


Are these enough wires to do the job? What needs to be shielded/not shielded wire? Is that coaxial cable in the pack the type of shielded wire I need? Also I am going to have a fixed bridge, so how do I attach a ground wire? Do I just drill a hole from the bottom of the bridge to the control cavity and solder it to the bottom of the bridge?
that should be enough wire, yes. WAAAY more than enough.

a 4-conductor pickup has a shield around the four wires, so the only wire you may want to use shielded for is the run from the middle lug of the volume pot to the output jack.
and that coaxial is the wire you need, yep. the middle wire will be what connects the middle lug of the volume pot to the tip of the jack, and the outer shield should be grounded.

and yes, that's how you do the bridge ground. you dont have to solder it to the bottom of the bridge though. just tighten the bridge down on the wire and you'll be fine