Hi there guys!

i have a problem with my boss gt-8

i just bought it(second hand) and i realize that i can't hear any reverb when i'm usin it...

i tried to adjust the reverb settings but still,no reverb on my sound...

anyone has any idea what's happening?

everything else works just fine btw...

thanks for your time
Did you turn the reverb block on? Internal level more than 0? Mix level more than 0? Does the reverb work in any of the presets?
WTLTL 2011
Quote by DonConstantino
where can i adjust those?

Hit parameter left/right after you press the reverb section button.
WTLTL 2011
i thought you were refering to smthing else than those...
as i said i tried adjusting all the setting in the reverb menu...

and i think i cant hear reverb to any of the presets !?!

can it be broken from inside??????
Try writing down your favorite patches, then resetting the unit to factory.
WTLTL 2011

it's a setting called global reverb and it was switched to 0% i ve changed to 200% and everything works fine!

damn that machine!it has millions of ways to adjust one thing!