Hey UG,

So, I suck at guitar, I'm eagar to become good and write my own music in the future. I'm motivated and can practice 5+ hours a day. I play metal.

With that being said, I've never had any lessons in my life and dont intend to. I have little knowledge/skill currently and my only guide is the internet, so I need some guidance.

I've done some research and found my self trying to cram all sorts into practice sessions - penatonic scales, chords, music theory, technical ability and I'm just confused really, I feel like I should be focusing on bits at a time but don't have the knowledge to know what.

So my question is, where do I start? When do I move on? What do I move on to? I'm asking this because I don't want to waste time by not being on the right track, when I could be learning in a logical order, maximizing ability and knowledge.

If someone could give me some sorta timetable it would be amazing, e.g. start by learning chords then learn a certain technique or something like that - (I have no idea)

Well i'm the same as you I learn all my guitar technique online. What I found helpful was to start on chords and pentatonic scales and then learn songs (like led zep, ac/dc pretty much all 70s and some 80s Rock and Metal) that uses those scales so you get pratical use of them. Then start learning the major scale it's very important. and then natural minor and playing songs like (Metallica etc) with harder solos that make frequent use of them. That about where I am right now.