Wow man, awesome tone and playing i really loved it =)
there was 1 little mistake a heard, all the rest is great
although i think it whould be better that you will record your self twise in the harmony part so we can hear the lower part and higher part in the same time.
if you can, check my cover to this song to!
Wow awesome nice heavy rythm work and very nice solos i enjoyed listening to that very much! and thanks for the tip about recording both harmonies. Will keep that in mind in the future. I was planing on covering the whole song but my computer started to mess with me .
Wow I like it, I learnt the part before and now I learning this part, it's very difficult isn't it??
I am using the pod 2.0 actually . And it is not easy, well not many Metallica things are easy =). Thank you for your feedback.