Basically I am looking for this amp Fender G-DEC 3 Fifteen

One thing I am not 100% sure about is if I can loop with it.

I love all the features it has:
- Band backing tracks
- Recording
- 100+ effects
- Custom effects
- USB connection to computer

Does anyone have any experience with amp?
Any other recommendations?

Price is about $400, spending less would be nice.

I like that this amp is an all-in-one piece of equipment. It's just for home use.
I see nothing to suggest it would act as a looper. The F/S is only for changing presets. You can't really loop without a footswitch. I would suggest you get a multifx with a looper built in. The ME-25 has 34 sec. The RP355 has 20 sec and a drum machine, though they don't work together.

A Vox Pathfinder and an RP355 would only set you back $320 new. And would be very portable. As an alternative to the new RP355 you could get a used GNX4 from eBay for the same price. The GNX4 can do everything. It has an 8 track recorder/jamman looper with up to 2 gig of storage. And a built in midi drum machine that's syncronized to the looper/recorder.
The thing that makes me think it can loop is that it has a record button and a playback button.
I hopefully those two are related, but it is possible that the playback button is for the backing tracks.

I will look into your suggestions. Thanks.
I looked at the manual and yes it does have something like a looper. But it will never work like a looper without a footswitch. Maybe that's why they call it a phrase sampler. I have an Ovation electro-acoustic with something like that. You can record your playing or put an mp3 on the onboard memory. To loop you have to set the start and stop points.

A looper has footswitches so you can loop and play on the fly without disrupting the song. I have several clips in my profile using an ME-25 looper. They are Sneaky, Unsynced Jam, and El Loco. You could do that with this amp because of the lack of footswitch control. The GNX4 is the most powerful looper that can be found in any multifx. Each loop is a separate track up to 8 tracks. You can edit/delete loops after the fact.

The only advantage that other multifx loopers have is that they are unlimited vs 8 because each overdub is mixed with the existing loop. But the GNX4 is unlimited in time and each loop is recorded separately. The GNX4 is the only looper I know of that operates in sync with a drum machine.

BTW, the GNX4 can also play back MP3 files.