I've been playing for around 4 years, only this year have I been trying to learn guitar solos. Mostly from Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Metallica. No matter how hard I try, I can't play them properly. I usually just go straight in and start trying to play them full speed. The only solos I can play almost flawlessly are from A Tout Le Monde, Fade To Black and the two from Blood Brothers by Iron Maiden. What can I do to improve the solos and how can I learn them better?
break the solo's down into simple sections then perfect each section. Then put it all togethor.
break them into sections, bars and practice them until you can get it then move on to the next section. string them together and you should see that mastering some of the more difficult parts will become easier and thus the solo should come together.
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I'm going to sound redundant, but take every solo bar by bar, phrase by phrase, lick by lick. Play with a metronome, start slow, and build up. Accuracy =/= speed. For bands like Megadeth or Metallica, I wouldn't really strive for being note perfect. On the classic albums, Hammett's phrasing is more about fast licks tied together by melodies, and Mustaine always shoots from the hip. You'd probably get more out of it by learning the key parts and doing your own shit around that.

I can understand wanting to learn them note perfect, but if I were you, I'd only do that with solos that speak to me, which you seem to do well judging by the solos you already have down.
I learn one section, then another. My "sections" are made up. You can decide the sections. Usually if there is a rest in the solo, that'll be one section. Practice the section and then go on to the next. Put it together. Play as fast as you can without messing up. Keep speeding up until you can play it all perfectly and then keep speeding up until you can play it 2x faster. Being able to play it 2x faster will make playing it normal a breeze.

Repeat on other solos.
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In a begining play solo slow, over some time you can play it faster. I'm began whith solo from Arisona - Scorpions. I worked with it during 2 month and now I can play it like at original
Remember, if you're learning them all note for note that each player has their own nuances that can either focus on, or as mentioned above, do your own thing over.
Personally, whilst it is cool to learn note for note solos (esp. if you're playing in a tribute band) I would focus on more on ANALYSIS of the solo. Ask yourself why...what techniques are they using? What's the most dramatic point in the solo? Why? What chords/key are they playing over? How do they build tension? etc etc Just the process of asking these questions will make you think differently when you pick up your guitar to write/play leads.
Hope that helps!
1-Figure out the scale
2-Divide it in chunks and learn gradually.

thats all (assuming one has the required skill and good enough technique, if not.. you work on your technique and leave that solo alone for a couple weeks, months or even years)
figure out what parts you can play first, and then take all of the other harder parts and get out your metronome.

just so your not wasting you time playing a lick that you have down perfctly
Do the solos Bar for Bar.
In case you don't know in 95%(estimated) of all the songs there are are in 4/4.
4 is how many of the beat and the second 4 means you count quarter note.
So 1 bar is 4 counts.
Like |1 2 3 4|1 2 3 4||.
First you do the first bar then the next.